Rotary indexing assembly systems

Rotary indexing assembly systems

With large quantities, a low variety of parts and products as well as short cycle times, rotary indexing assembly systems are used. In order to meet these requirements, system concepts with rotary indexing tables have been developed at KTW for feeding, assembly, joining and testing stations. Rotary indexing assembly systems are used in almost all industries and product groups.

We offer you:

  • Product-specific system solutions
  • Planning, design, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning.
  • Control technology - hardware and software
  • Risk assessment in accordance with current standards and guidelines
  • CE documentation
  • Employee training and service


Assembly system jack console

Assembly system jack console:

  • Rotary indexing table with 10 workstations
  • Feeding of components
  • Assembly, joining and test stations
  • O-ring assembly
  • Automatic screwing stations
  • Depositing of the assemblies in slc containers