Gripping technology

Gripping technology

The design of the gripper technology for joining, assembly and equipping tasks in automation especially in robot applications is critical to the process security of manufacturing facilities. To meet these requirements, the task is precisely evaluated and a corresponding gripper concept is specifically developed according to the requirement profile.

We offer you:

  • Product-specific gripper solutions
  • Planning, design, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning.
  • Control technology - hardware and software
  • Risk assessment in accordance with current standards and guidelines
  • CE documentation
  • Employee training and service


SGM Gripper 4x 3 function sides

The multi-function gripper is used for loading and unloading of two injection moulding machines.

  • Function side 1 - contact loading SGM 1
  • Function side 2 - component removal SGM 1
  • Function side 3 - component loading SGM 2
  • Function side 3 - component removal SGM 2

SGM Gripper 4x loading 24 contacts

SGM gripper for loading and unloading of injection moulding machine 1 with 4 pre-moulded parts with 6 contacts each.

  • Function side 1 - removal of moulded-in components
  • Function Page 2 - inserting of pre-moulded part in the tool

SGM Gripper 4x removal finished part

Multi-function gripper for loading and unloading of injection moulding machine.

  • Function side 1 - Number of contacts 4x with 3 contacts each
  • Function side 2 - removal of moulded components
  • Centring and locking elements for the correct position docking on the SGM tool