With our experienced and competent staff, we translate the ever-increasing demands of industry in terms of efficiency, process reliability and product quality into concrete solutions for our customers.
Assembly systems are complex product-specific special machines with interlinked stations - such as component feeding, joining, testing, adjusting, marking and packaging stations. Design and construction are largely determined by the cycle time, number of pieces, number of variants and the component.
Taking these specifications into account, KTW implements the optimum plant and software solution for our customers.
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How our project process works?
Wie läuft ein Projekt bei KTW ab?
Robotic systems
We offer you:
  • Product-specific system solutions
  • Integration of articulated arm and SCARA robots in manufacturing equipment
  • Planning, design, manufacturing, assembly and commissioning.
  • Control technology - hardware and software
  • Risk assessment in accordance with current standards and guidelines
  • CE documentation
  • Employee training and service
Robotic assembly system for roller drives
Robot trio mounted roller drive.
- Hard-controlled linear transfer system
- Robots for assembly tasks
- 10 assembly and test stations
- Cycle time: 15 sec
Robot automation for plug-in tube
Robot duo assembles plug tube:
- Flexible feed with image processing
- O-ring assembly
- Joining processes of the sleeve and form sealing
- Control of the mounted assembly with image processing
- Packing of the assemblies in slc containers